About pixelVPN

About Us

pixelVPN's founders are Internet veterans and have been running multiple Internet businesses since 1998. In 2012 we realised there was a desperate need for fast and reliable VPN servers worldwide and formed pixelVPN. Whilst there are many VPN providers out there, a great deal offer slow speeds, congested servers and non-existent customer support.

We formed pixelVPN to address these VPN issues and now provide super fast, reliable VPN servers, with rapid, friendly support. We are growing all the time and adding new VPN servers each month, with customers regularly requesting new locations. All VPN accounts offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

We are proud to NOT be the largest VPN provider in the world. Many other providers boast about having thousands of IP's and servers throughout the world. Not us. We prefer to concentrate on giving our customers top notch support and very fast servers.

We now only offer VPN services and do nothing else. We live and breathe VPN's so you can be sure of receiving a fast, reliable and hassle free VPN service.

About Our Network

Our VPN servers are located inside dozens of reliable worldwide datacenters. Each datacenter is connected to the Internet using multiple fiber carriers to ensure that our servers remain available to everyone.

When choosing a new location for our VPN servers, we carefully evaluate each datacenter to ensure they meet and exceed our strict requirements. Put simply, we want to install our VPN servers in a datacenter and for them to work continuously for our customers, 24 hours per day.

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