Access Blocked Websites

Bypass geo-restricted, government, workplace and school restricted web content. Unblock all available content on the Internet with ease.

Protect Your Privacy

As soon as you connect to our network your IP address will be hidden behind a pixelVPN IP address for additional privacy.

Secure Yourself at Wi-Fi Hotspots

Prevent hackers and data sniffers from from accessing your data and browsing history when connecting to unsecure public Wi-Fi networks.

Unblock Streaming Services

Unblock Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and many more websites & apps with our super-fast service.

Many websites and streaming services restrict access to their content depending on where the visitor is located. For example, you may be in the USA but would like access to UK content.

With the pixelVPN service you can connect to our secure VPN servers at various locations worldwide. Once connected you will appear to be located in the country where our server resides. Free of any region restrictions you can then browse to the websites of your choice.

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Unlimited Bandwidth & Rapid Worldwide VPN Servers

Download as much as you like each month.

There are no download or bandwidth limitations; you can go as fast as your connection allows. Whats more, we only ever use the best server hardware to ensure a rock solid and reliable service.

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5* Support

Have a technical question? Our friendly support team is available 24/7 to help you setup your connection.

Ultra Fast Speeds

Our VPN servers have been specifically configured to allow the highest speeds your connection will allow.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Upload and download as much data as you like through our VPN servers. There are no restrictions.

Secure Your Connection

Help protect against data sniffers, hackers and unsrupulous advertisers by hiding your IP address with ease.

Zero Logging

We don't log any of your browsing activity. We only log the time you connect for administration purposes.

Multiple Devices

Connect all of your favourite devices to our VPN service to enjoy round the clock access wherever you are.

Available on all Major Platforms.

Works with Windows, Apple, Android & others


Unblock the Internet today!

  • Superfast VPN servers
  • Access blocked content from anywhere
  • Be safe on public Wi-Fi networks
  • No bandwidth limitations
  • Rapid 24/7 friendly support team
  • 30 day money-backup guarantee
  • All VPN protocols supported
  • New locations added monthly
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